My February Goals | The Month of Chaos

february goals

Happy February grinders! With it being the 1st of the month, I am going to share with you my February goals. I feel like I have a million things going on (oh yeah- that’s because I do) so it is imperative that I stay on top of my shit this month. I started my NASM personal training course yesterday, I have a 15k to train for, reviews to write at work, blogging, filming, editing & my cut starts on Sunday AH! I am counting on y’all to keep me accountable this month, because it’s about to get crazy! Let’s do this!

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Salted Caramel Apple Oats | Taste Bud Hugs

Caramel Apple Oats

So I’m not sure where in the world you are reading this from right now, but here in Florida it is COLD. Like, 45 degrees! In January! What the hell? Anyways.. Oats. Who doesn’t love them? We can’t be friends if you don’t (joking. kind of.). Oats are so good for you, & if you think they have to be plain, think again! I get so creative with my oatmeal recipes that I could eat it every single day & never grow bored of it. You can count on several concoctions of oats in future posts, but today I am sharing my current seasonal favorite: Salted Caramel Apple Oats. Yes. It exists. Next time your taste buds need a warm, delicious hug, try this recipe out. You’re welcome. 😉

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6 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

natural ways to reduce stress

Hello sunshines! Today I am sharing my favorite natural ways to relieve stress. Like you, I always have a million things going on at any given time. I work full-time as a salary retail manager, I lift 4x per week, I am training for a 15k, I blog, I am starting a YouTube channel, I start my NASM course next week, & I try to have somewhat of a social life & put food on the table for us at home. So many things, so little time! I tend to feel overwhelmed at some point each week, but I have found natural ways to relieve my stress. If you are a Stressed Out Susan, never fear. Try these out & let me know how they work for you!

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Lifter Turned Runner? | Trying New Things

lifter turned runner

I don’t know what happened. One minute, I am enjoying lunch with my husband, dad, & sister. The next minute, I am registering for a 15K run. What? I am not a runner. Well, I can sprint. For very short distances. I actually enjoy interval training. But long distance (aka more than 3 miles)? Negative. I am a lifter. I am probably going to die. But… your girl is registered & she is going to do this thing.

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Dream – Believe – Achieve | My 2017 Goals

Happy weekend grinders! I hope it has been a fantastic start to 2017 for you! Can you believe we are almost halfway through January?! I feel like I was just counting down the last seconds of 2016 yesterday. Time flies! Anyways, I wanted to get this post up to share with you my 2017 goals before I wake up tomorrow & it’s February!

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Tropical Smoothie Bowl Recipe | Hello to Health in 2017

Smoothie Bowl

Hello & happy new year, folks! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Being back at home in Florida for the holidays was truly awesome! Never take living near family & friends for granted. My husband & I are so grateful that we were able to see most of our family this year. <3

Anyways, onto the reason for my post today: smoothie bowls! Who else made a resolution to make this year a healthier one? Smoothie bowls will definitely help you achieve that. Delicious & healthy- you can’t beat that! 

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My December Goals | Refocusing after Black Friday

December Goals 2016

Better late than never, right? November was crazy.. & I’m sure December will be insane too! But I am focused & ready to make it a great month. I set goals for myself at the beginning of each month, after reflecting on how I did the month before. There’s a LOT I would love to accomplish, but these are the December goals at the top of my priority list, & today I want to share them with you! 

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Top Pre-workout Snacks to Fuel Your Workouts + Mini Life Update

pre-workout snacks

Hello, hello sunshines! Today I am going to share my top five pre-workout snacks, as I get a lot of questions about my food choices. But first,  I want to apologize for the lack of posts this past week. Life & work have been crazy! Holiday prep (you know you work in retail when it starts in October!), meetings, presentations (eek!), & working opposite of my husband has me feeling a little off. I finally filmed my Q&A & was so excited to post it over the weekend, but when I went to edit the video I realized it was out of focus. Womp Womp… I plan on filming it again either today or tomorrow before work, so hopefully it will be up before the weekend is over. I am also considering filming an October Favorites (#BasicBetty) featuring last month’s favorite fitness & non-fitness favorites. It would be fun to share with you my favorite exercises, beauty items, food, music, etc.. so let me know if you would want to watch it!

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“Just Love Your Body” is Stupid Advice || Motivational Monday

 “Just love your body” was my go-to answer to anyone complaining about their physical appearance. I have gone on mini Snapchat rants about how we need to just love our bodies. My husband’s friend even mocked me (playfully, of course) after one of those rants for being so passionate about this phrase. I do believe that we should be kind to & love our bodies, but I now realize that loving your body is a process. A complicated, sometimes seemingly impossible process. Telling someone who is not happy with their physical appearance to “just love their body” is as helpful as telling someone drowning in debt to “just stop spending money.” There are underlying factors that must be addressed & worked through in order to achieve the end result. At some point over the past year, I found love for my body without realizing it. Today I am sharing what I believe helped me find  that love, & I hope it helps you find it, too.

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