5 Tips for Time Management | How to Plan for Success

Happy Sunday grinders! I hope you had a wonderful start to your February. As we approach the middle of the month, I want you to do a goal check. How many of your February goals have you accomplished? Which ones have you made progress on? I am happy to report that I have made progress on all of mine (yippee!) & I hope to hear the same from you! Today I want to talk a little about time management. I get asked all of the time how I juggle so many tasks & I don’t seem stressed out (though I definitely have my moments!). I am by no means the busiest person on Earth, but I do work full-time, workout 4 times & run 3 times per week, study for NASM, blog, YouTube, & have time to eat, sleep & spend time with my husband. My response is & always will be: time management! Let’s dive in.

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Lifter Turned Runner? | Trying New Things

lifter turned runner

I don’t know what happened. One minute, I am enjoying lunch with my husband, dad, & sister. The next minute, I am registering for a 15K run. What? I am not a runner. Well, I can sprint. For very short distances. I actually enjoy interval training. But long distance (aka more than 3 miles)? Negative. I am a lifter. I am probably going to die. But… your girl is registered & she is going to do this thing.

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My December Goals | Refocusing after Black Friday

December Goals 2016

Better late than never, right? November was crazy.. & I’m sure December will be insane too! But I am focused & ready to make it a great month. I set goals for myself at the beginning of each month, after reflecting on how I did the month before. There’s a LOT I would love to accomplish, but these are the December goals at the top of my priority list, & today I want to share them with you! 

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“Just Love Your Body” is Stupid Advice || Motivational Monday

 “Just love your body” was my go-to answer to anyone complaining about their physical appearance. I have gone on mini Snapchat rants about how we need to just love our bodies. My husband’s friend even mocked me (playfully, of course) after one of those rants for being so passionate about this phrase. I do believe that we should be kind to & love our bodies, but I now realize that loving your body is a process. A complicated, sometimes seemingly impossible process. Telling someone who is not happy with their physical appearance to “just love their body” is as helpful as telling someone drowning in debt to “just stop spending money.” There are underlying factors that must be addressed & worked through in order to achieve the end result. At some point over the past year, I found love for my body without realizing it. Today I am sharing what I believe helped me find  that love, & I hope it helps you find it, too.

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“All or Nothing” | Overcoming Perfectionism & Self-Sabotage

I love motivational quotes. I share them frequently on my IG, & I save tons more on my phone & Pinterest. One of the quotes I see frequently is “It’s All or Nothing.” There’s also “Be All in or Get Out.” While I believe you should be “all in” on yourself & tenaciously chase your goals, I don’t agree that you should just give up when you face a setback or make a choice that isn’t conducive to your goals. Perfectionism is a real thing, & I have struggled with it in the past. If I didn’t eat perfectly to plan or if I missed a workout, I would feel horrible about myself & try to punish myself by going to extremes such as cardio twice a day or cutting out carbs. This obviously made me more unhappy, which always led to giving up on my goals & reverting back to my unhealthy eating & quitting working out. Perfectionism is a bitch, & I am glad I kicked her to the curb. If you struggle or have struggled with perfectionism & self-sabotaging when you make a mistake, continue reading because I got news for you girl: You need to move on & get back to kicking ass!

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Find Your Workout Motivation… & Keep it! Top Tips on Sticking to the Plan

Can’t find your workout motivation or stay consistent with your workouts? Lose the excuses, makeover your motivation and stick to your goals! Share this with your accountability buddy and let me know your favorite tips to stay motivated at the end of this article. Continue reading for my top tips on how to find your motivation and keep it so you can start seeing those results!

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