Three Lessons I Learned In My Late Twenties

Happy Sunday grinders! I have been so busy learning the ins & outs of video editing & the world of YouTube (subscribe to my channel here!) that I have neglected coming on here & just writing. I have been reflecting on the past year & all of the changes I’ve experienced. I thought it could be helpful to share the three biggest lessons I learned in my late twenties. My confidence has never been greater, & these three things have had a major impact on its improvement.

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5 Tips for Time Management | How to Plan for Success

Happy Sunday grinders! I hope you had a wonderful start to your February. As we approach the middle of the month, I want you to do a goal check. How many of your February goals have you accomplished? Which ones have you made progress on? I am happy to report that I have made progress on all of mine (yippee!) & I hope to hear the same from you! Today I want to talk a little about time management. I get asked all of the time how I juggle so many tasks & I don’t seem stressed out (though I definitely have my moments!). I am by no means the busiest person on Earth, but I do work full-time, workout 4 times & run 3 times per week, study for NASM, blog, YouTube, & have time to eat, sleep & spend time with my husband. My response is & always will be: time management! Let’s dive in.

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My February Goals | The Month of Chaos

february goals

Happy February grinders! With it being the 1st of the month, I am going to share with you my February goals. I feel like I have a million things going on (oh yeah- that’s because I do) so it is imperative that I stay on top of my shit this month. I started my NASM personal training course yesterday, I have a 15k to train for, reviews to write at work, blogging, filming, editing & my cut starts on Sunday AH! I am counting on y’all to keep me accountable this month, because it’s about to get crazy! Let’s do this!

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6 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

natural ways to reduce stress

Hello sunshines! Today I am sharing my favorite natural ways to relieve stress. Like you, I always have a million things going on at any given time. I work full-time as a salary retail manager, I lift 4x per week, I am training for a 15k, I blog, I am starting a YouTube channel, I start my NASM course next week, & I try to have somewhat of a social life & put food on the table for us at home. So many things, so little time! I tend to feel overwhelmed at some point each week, but I have found natural ways to relieve my stress. If you are a Stressed Out Susan, never fear. Try these out & let me know how they work for you!

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Dream – Believe – Achieve | My 2017 Goals

Happy weekend grinders! I hope it has been a fantastic start to 2017 for you! Can you believe we are almost halfway through January?! I feel like I was just counting down the last seconds of 2016 yesterday. Time flies! Anyways, I wanted to get this post up to share with you my 2017 goals before I wake up tomorrow & it’s February!

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My December Goals | Refocusing after Black Friday

December Goals 2016

Better late than never, right? November was crazy.. & I’m sure December will be insane too! But I am focused & ready to make it a great month. I set goals for myself at the beginning of each month, after reflecting on how I did the month before. There’s a LOT I would love to accomplish, but these are the December goals at the top of my priority list, & today I want to share them with you! 

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