Salted Caramel Apple Oats | Taste Bud Hugs

Caramel Apple Oats

So I’m not sure where in the world you are reading this from right now, but here in Florida it is COLD. Like, 45 degrees! In January! What the hell? Anyways.. Oats. Who doesn’t love them? We can’t be friends if you don’t (joking. kind of.). Oats are so good for you, & if you think they have to be plain, think again! I get so creative with my oatmeal recipes that I could eat it every single day & never grow bored of it. You can count on several concoctions of oats in future posts, but today I am sharing my current seasonal favorite: Salted Caramel Apple Oats. Yes. It exists. Next time your taste buds need a warm, delicious hug, try this recipe out. You’re welcome. ūüėČ

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Tropical Smoothie Bowl Recipe | Hello to Health in 2017

Smoothie Bowl

Hello & happy new year, folks! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Being back at home in Florida for the holidays was truly awesome! Never take living near family & friends for granted. My husband & I are so grateful that we were able to see most of our family this year. <3

Anyways, onto the reason for my post today: smoothie bowls! Who else made a resolution to make this year a healthier one? Smoothie bowls will definitely help you achieve that. Delicious & healthy- you can’t beat that!¬†

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Top Pre-workout Snacks to Fuel Your Workouts + Mini Life Update

pre-workout snacks

Hello, hello sunshines! Today I am going to share my top five pre-workout snacks, as I get a lot of questions about my food choices. But first, ¬†I want to apologize for the lack of posts this past week. Life & work have been crazy! Holiday prep (you know you work¬†in retail when it starts in October!), meetings, presentations (eek!), & working opposite of my husband has me feeling a little off. I finally filmed my Q&A & was so excited to post it over the weekend, but when I went to edit the video I realized it was out of focus. Womp Womp… I plan on filming it again either today or tomorrow before work, so hopefully it will be up before the weekend is over. I am also considering filming an October Favorites (#BasicBetty) featuring last month’s favorite fitness & non-fitness favorites. It¬†would¬†be fun to share with you my favorite exercises, beauty items, food, music, etc.. so let me know if you would want to watch it!

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My Flexible Dieting Grocery List | What I Eat to Achieve My Goals


dieting grocery list titlePlanning your next grocery trip & need some inspiration on what to buy? Today I am sharing my flexible dieting grocery list. This is the food that I try to keep on hand… If I go without my staples, I find myself eating out (a lot!). I like to keep things simple & delicious. These items taste good, (mostly) are beneficial to your health, & they can be combined several different ways to keep you satisfied & on track with your goals. I buy organic, free range, etc. whenever I can afford to, & I always check to see what is on sale to save money. More money = more food = happy Lauren.

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Clean Eating VS. Flexible Dieting | Why Clean Eating Doesn’t Work

Okay… so let me be fair. Clean eating can work but why would anyone choose to live off of chicken, asparagus and sweet potatoes only? Imagine a life without Oreos or wine. Or PIZZA?! What if I told you that you don’t have to sacrifice the foods that you love or girls night out to achieve your weight loss & fitness goals? If you don’t know what flexible dieting is… GIRL. I’ll link some websites & videos at the end of this post so that you can educate yourself on how to get started, but first I want to share with you my top three¬†reasons flexible dieting¬†trumps clean eating.

Clean Eating Vs Flexible Dieting

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