Lifter Turned Runner? | Trying New Things

lifter turned runner

I don’t know what happened. One minute, I am enjoying lunch with my husband, dad, & sister. The next minute, I am registering for a 15K run. What? I am not a runner. Well, I can sprint. For very short distances. I actually enjoy interval training. But long distance (aka more than 3 miles)? Negative. I am a lifter. I am probably going to die. But… your girl is registered & she is going to do this thing.

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Find Your Workout Motivation… & Keep it! Top Tips on Sticking to the Plan

Can’t find your workout motivation or stay consistent with your workouts? Lose the excuses, makeover your motivation and stick to your goals! Share this with your accountability buddy and let me know your favorite tips to stay motivated at the end of this article. Continue reading for my top tips on how to find your motivation and keep it so you can start seeing those results!

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