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february goals

Happy February grinders! With it being the 1st of the month, I am going to share with you my February goals. I feel like I have a million things going on (oh yeah- that’s because I do) so it is imperative that I stay on top of my shit this month. I started my NASM personal training course yesterday, I have a 15k to train for, reviews to write at work, blogging, filming, editing & my cut starts on Sunday AH! I am counting on y’all to keep me accountable this month, because it’s about to get crazy! Let’s do this!

  1. Study, study, study. As I previously mentioned, my NASM course just started. I chose the guided study that has a syllabus, extra studying resources & a teacher. I received the syllabus yesterday & I must complete 1 chapter & it’s added resources each week to stay on track. NASM gives you 180 days from when you start studying to take the test. The course is 16 weeks so I have an extra month or two after the course ends to prepare for the test. I do not want to run out of time & pay for an extension, so staying on top of my studying is crucial.
  2. My February GoalsRun, Lauren, Run! My husband, dad, & I are running the Gate River Run on March 11 (read about why here). I have never ran 9 miles before & I am not bullshitting you I feel I am going to die after 4 miles. Training must happen or come race day, #RIPLauren. The training plan the race provides suggests running 4 days per week, but I will be happy if I run 3 days a week. Luckily most of the runs are 3-4 miles with one longer run once per week. Running is something I’ve always wanted to be good at & enjoy so I am embracing this experience for its potential to do just that. I also love that this gives Aaron & I something else to do together. ❤
  3. Meal prep. The cut is upon us, y’all! This Sunday marks the beginning of my 4-month cut. Bye delicious, indulgent foods. I am completely transparent with you guys so I admit that I have definitely been the stereotypical IIFYMer the past few months of this bulk. I have had pizza one or two times a week, Girl Scout cookies, all of the processed foods & alcohol during/post-holidays. While I don’t try to eat only clean food (boring), some balance is required & I haven’t practiced much balance lately. But that is about to change! When I cut, my calories go down which means less room for all that. My food choices have to become smarter because I have less carbs but still have to hit my fiber. I am okay with this, but preparation is key so I’m bringing back my meal preps. Good news for you guys because I can show you how you can keep meal preps fun!
  4. Lifting + Yoga. My lifting program is also going to change starting next week. My coach & I are discussing options now, but I do know for sure that my training is going to be less demanding since I will be eating in a deficit. In addition to crushing my new programming, I want to add in one yoga session each week. It will be nice to incorporate it again, especially with all of the chaos right now. I can get stressed out or overwhelmed but yoga & other daily behaviors help me relieve it.

So that’s the plan! Of course there’s other things to work on, like saving money & planning a girls night or two, but those are the 4 key focuses for me this month. I plan on recapping you on how well I did with these when I share next month’s goals, so look forward to that.

What are your February goals? Share them in the comments below & let’s keep each other accountable! Let’s make it a kick-ass month, y’all!

Eat. Love. Lift

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