6 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

natural ways to reduce stress

Hello sunshines! Today I am sharing my favorite natural ways to relieve stress. Like you, I always have a million things going on at any given time. I work full-time as a salary retail manager, I lift 4x per week, I am training for a 15k, I blog, I am starting a YouTube channel, I start my NASM course next week, & I try to have somewhat of a social life & put food on the table for us at home. So many things, so little time! I tend to feel overwhelmed at some point each week, but I have found natural ways to relieve my stress. If you are a Stressed Out Susan, never fear. Try these out & let me know how they work for you!

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  • natural ways to relieve stressExercising. You knew this was going to be my top tip, right? Besides being good for your your physical health, exercising is awesome for mental health as well. Elle Woods is right. Endorphins relieve stress, boost energy, & make you happier. I seriously credit a huge amount of my sanity to exercise.
  • Find a hobby. Whoever came up with the idea of adult coloring books is a genius. So many of us have fallen in love with zoning everything out, just coloring away. There are so many other hobbies out there that naturally relieve stress too! I enjoy lifting & writing/typing so for me, blogging relieves stress. What do you like to do in your free time? Playing an instrument? Knitting? Drawing unicorns? I don’t care what it is; just do more of it.
  • natural ways to reduce stressStretching/ Foam Rolling/ Yoga/ Massage. There are physical signs of stress. Tight knots in your back, tension headaches, etc. Releasing those tense muscles does wonders to stress levels. My go-to’s are foam rolling or stretching, usually while watching episodes of the New Girl on Netflix. I sleep like a baby after a good foam roll sesh. I love yoga (I am blessed with a yogi mother-in-law), but haven’t ventured out to find a local studio. It can be free, too! There are plenty of yoga videos on YouTube. Have a significant other? Trade off giving each other massages. Not only will it relieve stress for both of you, but I guarantee those endorphins will start rushing in with your love’s touch. 🙂
  • Aromatherapy. After my friend Anna introduced me to oil diffusing during a visit at her house last year, I immediately went home & ordered two diffusers & a starter set of oils off of Amazon (gotta love Prime). I have one upstairs next to the bed &  the other on the end table next to the couch in our living room. Aromatherapy has been around for ages & one of the many benefits can be stress relief. I turn the one in the bedroom on before bed with 4 drops of lavender oil & 4 drops of peppermint oil & we sleep like the dead. Another stress-less recipe I use downstairs is 3 drops each of tea tree, lavender, & orange oil. The house smells like a spa & the stress just floats away. The possibilities of oil diffusing are endless! I look forward to trying out different oils & sharing recipes with you in the future. You can purchase the exact oil diffusers & oil set I have below.

  • Girls night. Sometimes, you just need that good wine-and-pizza night with your closest girls. Whether it be your best friends, mom, or sister… There’s no denying that a good night out OR in can soothe the soul. We open up to these women… sometimes all we need is to just let it all out to the humans we trust the most.
  • Supplements. Yes, they exist. I take magnesium at night & vitamin D in the morning. IMO they both reduce stress. Read about the relationship between stress & magnesium here, & the benefits of vitamin D here. PSA: I am not a doctor or nutritionist so you may want to check with one before supplementing with either of these, but I find they both do a lot of good for me.

Thanks for stopping by today to read my favorite natural ways to relieve stress. I hope you found this helpful & try them out! Do you have tips to share on relieving your stress? Share them in the comments below & subscribe so you don’t miss future posts like this one. Let’s make it a stress-free week!
Eat. Love. Lift

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    1. Life can get difficult, for sure. Next time life tries to knock you down, you’ve got some new things to try out! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I have a great deal of stress nearly all of the time, so I will certainly try out some of your tips. I do try to do yoga on a semi regular basis. I use YouTube to follow along with Yoga With Adriene’s videos. She is phenomenal!

    I also try to diffuse essential oils, but I have a lot of further research to do on that front, because there are a lot that can’t be used around animals, especially cats, and we have several pets in the house. I would never want to unknowingly harm them, so I’ve stayed away from using my diffuser until I’m fully educated on the safety uses of them(the internet is full of unsafe EO information!). I’m a member of a Facebook group that has many certified aromatherapists in it that give great advice and are very well knowledged in safety uses.

    Anywhoos, thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Oh I will have to check out Adriene’s channel! We have two cats, & I was afraid of oil diffusing too after reading all the scary stuff on the internet. I took it up with my vet & she said as long as the cats can’t ingest the oils by keeping the bottles out of reach (I keep ours in medicine cabinets) and making sure the top stays on at all times (so they can’t drink the water), it is safe! She even added calming blends can help their moods too! Of course, second opinions are always necessary & I never leave my diffuser on when I’m not around it to keep an eye on it, but we have been using them since last year with absolutely no issues!

  2. Love love love this post!!! A lot of these pretty much hit home. Working out or Aerial Yoga (this something new I’m trying) help relive so much stress. I also have my crafting (hair bows for girls, diy wine bottles, scrap booking and many more). I’m even opening up a boutique Facebook page to start selling my bows!!!

    I will have to try the aromatherapy, foam roller and vitamins!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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