Powerlifting? Bikini Competitor? | Q&A January 2017


Finally! Thank you so much for your questions & support. I finally have my Q&A up! I talk about powerlifting, competing, cutting vs. bulking, & more. Please watch, enjoy the awkwardness, & hopefully take something away from the video… & if you have any more questions please comment below! This was fun, I’d love to make another video for y’all!

PS: Questions about tracking macros? See my post here, or contact me for my coach’s info.

Eat. Love. Lift

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  1. Omg I loved this Q & A!!!! It was great hearing what you do, your goals, etc. I love working out with my significant other! We don’t always workout together since he is bulking and I’m cutting/losing weight but when when we do workout it’s amazing! What is this macros thing? I keep hearing about it?

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

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