My December Goals | Refocusing after Black Friday

December Goals 2016

Better late than never, right? November was crazy.. & I’m sure December will be insane too! But I am focused & ready to make it a great month. I set goals for myself at the beginning of each month, after reflecting on how I did the month before. There’s a LOT I would love to accomplish, but these are the December goals at the top of my priority list, & today I want to share them with you! 

1.) BLOG MORE. My initial goal was to blog once per week & I have failed miserably at that thus far so I apologize! Sharing my life & passions with you is something I truly want to do, so I am recommitting to make it a priority. I will blog at least once per week & I upgraded my camera so that Q&A I have been promising forever? It’s coming! In HD! I’ve written down plenty of blog post ideas in my phone & I scheduled out time in my planner. The content is coming! Thank you for being patient & staying supportive in the meantime.

2.) HIT SOME PRs! In addition to the craziness of retail last month leading up to Black Friday, I got really sick with a cold & it did a number on my strength. Due to this, I skipped testing my one rep max & channeled my focus to getting back on track with nutrition & workouts. The past two weeks of lifting have felt really good, so I decided that the hubs & I will test our maxes on squat & deadlift on Christmas Eve. All I want for Christmas is to deadlift 200+… & I think it’s going to happen!

3.) FAMILY. Family & friends are a priority! I do not want the stress of work to take away from what this month is all about. I will make time to enjoy with family & friends, & I will be mentally present during those times. Putting thought & time into Christmas gifts is also important to me… I feel that I have always procrastinated Christmas shopping & felt rushed to find gifts. This month I am getting it done early & will find the perfect gifts for the ones I love.

4.) BUDGETING. Smart spending is going to be a challenge but it’s possible if I plan. I budgeted my money at the start of the month, so all I must do now is stick to the plan. We are getting the ball rolling on buying our first home so I need to ramp up the savings & drive the credit debt down. As much as I love my Lululemon & makeup hauls, they are on pause until further notice.

5.) FOOD. Because what is life without food? Ha. Sticking to my macro goals so far this month has been fairly easy, but work days will only get longer & crazier as we get closer to Christmas. Meal prep needs to happen, & planning ahead will prevent me from going bust. That being said, once Christmas rolls around, I will eat good without any guilt. Another reason why I love flexible dieting! Memories over macros, especially for holidays!

I look forward to crushing these goals & setting new challenges for 2017! What are your goals this month? Let us know in the comments below & share what you are excited about this month! Don’t forget to subscribe so you always get my latest posts. Happy Holidays!

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