Top Pre-workout Snacks to Fuel Your Workouts + Mini Life Update

pre-workout snacks

Hello, hello sunshines! Today I am going to share my top five pre-workout snacks, as I get a lot of questions about my food choices. But first,  I want to apologize for the lack of posts this past week. Life & work have been crazy! Holiday prep (you know you work in retail when it starts in October!), meetings, presentations (eek!), & working opposite of my husband has me feeling a little off. I finally filmed my Q&A & was so excited to post it over the weekend, but when I went to edit the video I realized it was out of focus. Womp Womp… I plan on filming it again either today or tomorrow before work, so hopefully it will be up before the weekend is over. I am also considering filming an October Favorites (#BasicBetty) featuring last month’s favorite fitness & non-fitness favorites. It would be fun to share with you my favorite exercises, beauty items, food, music, etc.. so let me know if you would want to watch it!

Back to the good stuff: pre-workout snacks! Like I’ve said before, I keep things simple so these snacks should be easy for anyone to whip up. I opt for higher carb, moderate-to-high protein, & lower fat foods before working out. This keeps my energy high & keeps me from feeling sluggish. I like to eat anywhere from 30-45 minutes before starting my workout. Since these are my staple pre-workout snacks, they are also listed on my flexible dieting grocery list.

1.) Apples & Cottage Cheese: Especially now that is is fall, apples should be a go-to in everyone’s daily diet. They are a great source of simple carbs & pack a fiber punch too. Granny Smith apples are my personal favorite. They pair perfectly with low-fat cottage cheese.

2.) Protein Bar: Oh Yeah! One bars are my pre-workout BFF.. particularly the Birthday Cake flavor. There are tons of options for protein bars though, so choose one you enjoy. Be careful though; not all bars are created equal. If you want to eat it as a pre-workout snack make sure it is lower in fat. Ideally, some fiber will be helpful too to prevent you from getting hungry during your workout.

3.) Rice Cakes & a Protein Shake: I love rice cakes. Like protein bars, there are so many different flavors. You can choose sweet, like chocolate or caramel, or savory, like white cheddar. I will eat them plain, or top them with sugar-free jelly or low-fat cream cheese. Paired with a protein shake made with water, almond, or cashew milk, this makes a solid & tasty pre-workout snack.

4.) Proats: Protein Oatmeal is appropriate as a meal anytime of day, so it’s no surprise they are a great pre-workout snack too! I will either use a lower-sugar instant packet or a blend of Cream of Wheat & Oat bran, but really any form of oatmeal will do. Once prepared, mix in a scoop of protein powder & an egg white (optional) & cook for another 30 seconds or until egg white is fluffy. Flavor with cinnamon, fruit, stevia, Walden Farms pancake syrup, honey, cocoa powder, etc. I also like to top mine with one tablespoon of Nuts N More Salted Caramel protein peanut butter. Yum!

5.) Low-Fat Chicken or Tuna Salad Wrap: Like proats, this is more of a pre-workout meal, but it is delicious & fuels my body perfectly. I will shred up leftover chicken or empty a can of tuna & mix it up with fat-free Greek yogurt, garlic & onion powder, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, celery, & lemon juice and serve onto two warm tortillas.

Try these snacks out & get ready to kill your next workout! What are your favorite pre-workout snacks? Comment below & share! Make it a great weekend!

Eat. Love. Lift

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