“All or Nothing” | Overcoming Perfectionism & Self-Sabotage

I love motivational quotes. I share them frequently on my IG, & I save tons more on my phone & Pinterest. One of the quotes I see frequently is “It’s All or Nothing.” There’s also “Be All in or Get Out.” While I believe you should be “all in” on yourself & tenaciously chase your goals, I don’t agree that you should just give up when you face a setback or make a choice that isn’t conducive to your goals. Perfectionism is a real thing, & I have struggled with it in the past. If I didn’t eat perfectly to plan or if I missed a workout, I would feel horrible about myself & try to punish myself by going to extremes such as cardio twice a day or cutting out carbs. This obviously made me more unhappy, which always led to giving up on my goals & reverting back to my unhealthy eating & quitting working out. Perfectionism is a bitch, & I am glad I kicked her to the curb. If you struggle or have struggled with perfectionism & self-sabotaging when you make a mistake, continue reading because I got news for you girl: You need to move on & get back to kicking ass!

all or nothingWhy don’t I agree with the “All or Nothing” mindset? Because WE ARE HUMAN. It is not in our nature to be perfect. I don’t agree with “All or Nothing” in any aspect of life, but today I am writing about it affecting our health & fitness goals. I try hard everyday to meet my nutrition and fitness goals, but there are days when I eat over my macros. There are some days that I don’t eat enough. I estimate macros when we go out to eat. Every once in a while, I push my lift back a day. Sometimes cardio doesn’t happen. Things come up: impromptu girls nights, last minute family visits. Life happens, and when it does, do I just say “Screw it” and give up on my goals? Heck no!

There have been very few times I have lacked motivation. Check out this post here on how I stay motivated, plus I have a coach to turn to when I need a motivational boost. I wake up every morning & set my intentions, remind myself of my goals & why I have set those goals for myself. I decide to make it a great day and do my best. “Best” does not equal “perfect.”For example: Choosing two glasses of red wine instead of sugary mixed cocktails at family dinner. Or choosing fruit & cheese instead of chips & dip at a company potluck.

Sometimes, I make a decision that is not conducive to my current goals. Example: Dinner plans change from a clean, homemade meal to sushi & I didn’t save enough carbs so I go over. Rather than loathing myself & giving up on those goals, I do this crazy little thing called moving on. Yes. I move on from it! I take all of 3 seconds to decide if I am going to A) trim back my carb and/or fat goals for the remainder of the day or week to make up for it (oh, the benefits of flexible dieting!) or B) let it go & continue on with my regular macros. I don’t spend any more than those 3 seconds thinking about my “mistake”. The same applies to any setback. If I can’t (or don’t) lift on my scheduled day, I quickly decide to either A) reschedule it for the next day, or B) continue with the program & remember to hit that lift harder next week. That’s it. I don’t beat myself up or punish myself. If you are human & have made less-than-ideal choices, you shouldn’t either.

all or nothing 2One or two missed workouts will not sabotage your pursuit of your goals. Neither will a pizza or bottle of wine. I promise! Take it from my personal experience: A full week off from working out & tracking my nutrition barely slowed my progress, if at all. The most important thing to do is to move on from it & get back on track. Don’t deem yourself unworthy of your goals, give up, & decide to go eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. That is where you will lose progress! You are worthy of achieving your goals, and you will achieve them as long as you don’t give up. Let it go, refocus, recommit & set forth. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The journey is the lesson and you wouldn’t be where you are now without living through the struggles you have experienced.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you believe in “All or Nothing”? Have you ever struggled with perfectionism or self-sabotage? How did you overcome it? Post below & share your experiences.

Eat. Love. Lift

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  1. This was a well needed post. I always feel that I have to be perfect if I make a plan. I beat myself when I don’t workout when I’m supposed to. How I try to overcome is to remember why I started, why I set the goals I have and why I have a plan. Thanks Lauren for this post!

    1. I have gone through the same thing Kandida! It’s hard to not feel guilty when we make a mistake. What’s important is to remind ourselves of our goals & get right back on track! No negative self-talk. Embrace the journey! 🙂

  2. I work out not everyday but most days I do. I also look at others and wonder how the hell can you look so fit…I have had two kids by c-section so I have a little pooch…I’ve come to the point in my life where I am happy with who I am.. I eat fairly healthy but I do cheat now and again…thanks Lauren for teaching us to love our bodies the way they are!

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