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dieting grocery list titlePlanning your next grocery trip & need some inspiration on what to buy? Today I am sharing my flexible dieting grocery list. This is the food that I try to keep on hand… If I go without my staples, I find myself eating out (a lot!). I like to keep things simple & delicious. These items taste good, (mostly) are beneficial to your health, & they can be combined several different ways to keep you satisfied & on track with your goals. I buy organic, free range, etc. whenever I can afford to, & I always check to see what is on sale to save money. More money = more food = happy Lauren.

Fruit: Raspberries, strawberries, frozen blueberries. IMO, volume matters, especially if you are eating in a deficit (cutting). Raspberries are my favorite because they are a great source of fiber, but they tend to be expensive so check for sales. I also buy bananas when I’m not cutting.

Vegetables: Spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, spaghetti squash, romaine lettuce, celery. Canned low-sodium sliced mushrooms & crushed tomatoes are great for whipping up sauces on the fly. I also buy frozen broccoli & edamame, which are both great sources of fiber & pack a little bit of a protein punch. Oh! And avocados (are they fruits or veggies?)- they are an awesome fat source!

Proteins: Lean ground turkey/beef, chicken breasts, egg whites, eggs, fat-free or reduced-fat feta cheese, FF/RF cottage cheese & FF Greek yogurt. Skip the flavored yogurts- they are unnecessarily high in carbs & sugar. Opt for plain yogurt & flavor it yourself, with fruit, stevia, Mio, etc. Protein powder & bars are also staples, which I either order online or purchase from GNC. I love the Oh Yeah! One & FitJoy bars because they are high in fiber, & occasionally I’ll buy FitCrunch bars when I’m not cutting.

Fats: Nut butter, olive oil, hummus, avocados, cream cheese, cheese, flax seed. Any nut butter (cashew, peanut, almond) works, but check for less sodium & no added sugars. Simply Jif & Low Sodium Natural Jif are two great options.

Carbs: Oats, rice cakes, English muffins, bread, low carb tortillas/ Flat Out wraps, pasta, reduced sodium canned black beans. I like Sara Lee 45-calorie bread because I can have more of it (volume!). I am addicted to oats so I have oat bran, steel-cut, cream of rice, cream of wheat, and lower sugar instant packets. Rice is a popular option for many, I just don’t find myself reaching for it.

Condiments: Reduced-sugar ketchup, unsweetened vanilla cashew milk, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spray, lemon juice, fat-free whipped cream, cinnamon, stevia, fat-free whipped cream, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, Flavor God or Mrs. Dash seasonings, Bolthouse Farms dressings, Walden Farms pancake syrup, cooking spray, Laughing Cow cheese wedges, PB2.

The food listed above makes up the majority of what I eat. I can make so many quick, easy meals out of these items & I never have to worry about making them fit into my macronutrient goals.

Now, after planning out my meals in My Fitness Pal with my staples, I still have calories left to eat. My protein & fiber goals are met from the lean proteins, grains, and produce. What do I eat to consume the remaining fat & carbs? No true flexible dieting grocery list would be complete without the…


Extras!: Oreos, Talenti frozen yogurt bars, Kellogg chips, popcorn, alcohol (merlot, Malbec, & whiskey with caffeine-free Coke Zero are my go-tos), frozen California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken pizzas (very macro-friendly with adequate protein).

I don’t call these treats because I am not a dog & I don’t have to perform a trick to eat them. They are not cheats because I am not doing anything wrong. Flexible dieting is all about balance, not restriction. If I want a couple cookies or glasses of wine, I have them! I am just sure to portion it, track it, and make it fit within my macronutrient goals. If you want to read up on why flexible dieting works & why I love it, check out my last post here.

I want to be clear though: extras are not necessities. If you don’t have self-control over eating a whole box of Oreos instead of your broccoli, don’t have them in the house! You can either purchase individually portioned & packaged extras, or step out for some froyo.

Also, get really familiar with what a portion size truly looks like. I use a food scale to weigh all of my food; everything from spinach to PB to alcohol. Measuring cups & spoons are not accurate… it’s actually scary how far off they can be! Check out the video listed at the end of this post to see what I mean… yikes! Also, 98% of the time, I plug my food into MFP before I eat it. Planning ahead of time not only makes life so much easier, it prevents me from going bust on my allotted macronutrients. Have you ever ate a sleeve of cookies & then decided to read the nutritional information? Plugging it into MFP helps me decide how big (or small) of a serving I can have, relative to my goals.

I hope my flexible dieting grocery list inspires your next trip to the store! I love to shake things up from time to time, so share your food staples by commenting below! Also, let me know if you’d like to see how I make up my daily meals using these items. Please share if you found this helpful, & subscribe so you don’t miss future posts! Make it a great day, sunshines!


How & Why to Use a Food Scale:

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